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Professional 3D Content Creation

3D content creation for you


Hello and welcome to the home of Intelligent Realities Limited. Provider of high-quality 3D content, 3D renders and CGI. I offer a range of services to support your 3D content creation requirements, as an example, some of these services include, architectural visualisation, product visualisation and motion graphics. 

If you have an idea that you’d like to see bought to life, visualisation is an excellent place to start. Creating your concept in a virtual environment before committing to a physical build allows you to explore a variety of option, helping you to ensure you have made all the right decisions.


Retail visualisation for AdamYoungson

barn visualisation
Architectural visualisation

3D content creation and visualisation

Founder of Intelligent Realities, Ren Fitch has many years of experience providing a range of professional 3D services for all your 3D modelling, visualisation and animation requirements.

Photorealistic representation is the ultimate goal when visualising a building or product. Creating believable and realistic renders in 3D requires close attention to a few crucial areas, accurate model making, detailed texture maps and good lighting. From beautiful crystal cut glass to realistic rocks, I use a variety of sources and techniques to ensure you receive the perfect images for your project.

3D content creation for
AR, VR and other mixed realities.


A growing aspect of my work is in the production of 3D content ready for real-time delivery. Augmented Reality (AR) is a fast-growing sector which will have a considerable impact on society in the next few years and will affect many areas of everyone’s lives. Many people relate the coming shift to AR as a similar progression experienced with the launch of the iPhone in 2007. 

AR is ideal for real-time architectural engagement. Intelligent Realities have already created several live projects which allow customers to place a building within its proposed physical location, giving an accurate representation of the impact the building will have on the environment surrounding it.


AR scene capture
Sample shot from AR scene

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