Visual of garden office at sunset

Thinking of an upgrade to your home office?

Visualise a home garden office before committing to real world build


Before committing to significant build costs, consider the garden office visualisation options first? Let us show you what you ideas looks like in a virtual world, helping you be sure of the perfect solution for your garden office space in the real world.

Many of us have had to look at our working arrangements over the last 3 months since lockdown. The world of work has been well and truly upturned. Forcing many of us to re-evaluate how we will work in the future.  Intelligent Realities are certainly thinking along the lines of how the future of work will unfold. Thankfully for the time being our lockdown period appears to be easing. This article covers the early stages and exploration of a move towards a more permanent home based solution. But, that is a subject for another post, another day!

Interested in exploring some possible creative solutions to your home garden office? Contact us today and let us help you visualise your ideas.


Building a virtual garden office - Good source material!


Compositing virtual content over the top of real world images is a 2 stage process. Stage 1, take a few pictures, the better the shots the better the end results. Clearing and tidying the area before taking the pictures greatly helps the production process further along the line. Although lots can be done during the Photoshop compositing stage, the more that can be done in-front of the camera the easier the process is further along.

Also, try to point the camera at the space that will house your garden office, ie, straight ahead. I’ve worked with many images in the past where people have taken lovely picture of nicely prepared areas, forgetting sadly, to point the camera straight forward and instead take a smashing picture of the floor and don’t understand when they get back a photo realistic picture of the bottom half of their object. It can also be well worth thinking at the point of taking the photo, can I take one step back! It is easier to remove excess data than it is to create it.

projectionCamera view home office garden

Garden Office Visualisation - The magic bit


The next stage is Camera Calibration combined with projection mapping. During this stage the real world photo is manually interpreted to assign directions of axis within the context of the photo. The software requires upward of 2 frames of reference for each xyz axis you assign. This again is greatly helped when the photographer is thinking about the processes further upstream in the production line, when they take the shots.

I captured a couple of renders along the way which you can see below. Along with that, I also recorded the entire 1 hour 45 minutes build process that got me to the end of the initial blocking out stage. 

development shot of home garden office
Moving the camera away from its callibrated position gives a different view

Quick visualisation techniques like this are not intended to be highly detailed representations, they are accurate in scale, but not content. The object of the game, is to generate a fairly accurate and believable impression of what your idea will look like. Therefor the costs of producing a virtual representation can be very reasonable with little impact on the overall budget of the build.

A far more detailed study of the construction is possible once this initial blocking out stage is complete. Take a look at our article on Cineware and Illustrator to see a full build process in operation.


Watch the build unfold from the ground up!


We hope you enjoyed our short time lapse film. If that interests you, there is another time lapse film here of another garden room idea which you might also appreciate 🙂