kitchen design visual

Kitchen Design

A near complete visualisation of our new kitchen design. The beauty of being a visualiser is that I can work through a design prior to engaging with Kitchen manufacturers to ensure they have a good idea of the look, the layout and colours that have been chosen and agreed on. 

This is yet another room in my house that has been virtually created in Cinema 4D. Our virtual house is looking absolutely lovely and would be a very nice place to live! If only I could get the real house to catch up with all my virtual designs! Maybe one day.

From within Cinema 4D I have produced the renders and the plans and elevation. Creating one file that efficiently lays out the kitchen design renders the hero shots and the schematics. 

The next move for this kitchen design is to take it into Unity 3D to create a virtual AR/VR environment. 

Maybe I should buy my wife some VR goggles which she can wear all the time around the house. That way my virtual DIY skills might convince her how much work I’ve put in to renovating our house! 

Aspects of the kitchen design yet to be finalised


There are still a few aspects of the design to finalise, such as the door and drawer handles, these discussions are still ongoing. The layout of the kitchen design is fully agreed and I think this light grey or pebble colour is fully agreed between my wife and I, so thats good!

Other aspects still to agree or convince upon are the geometric tile pattern and the stone wall. I love it, she’s not entirely convinced yet! 🙂

kitchen design plan
plan created in C4D
Elevation created in C4D