Event360 logo animation still frame

Logo Animation – Event 360


This year has been a tough year for many of us. For myself, and my company, Intelligent Realities Ltd are sadly among those referred to as the “Excluded“, with no help from the government since this pandemic begin. Indeed the only contact I have had from a government body is from HMRC telling me how important it is that I pay my taxes to help the countries finances rebuild. I find it hilarious how they expect me to help replenish their treasury when they gave me zero help!
I’m not going to dwell on that! I’ve gone off on a tangent before I’ve even begun the purpose of this post!
During these challenging times, I have managed and continue to tick along, hoping things will begin to pick up again, hopefully, sooner rather than later!

The revamped Event360 full brand logo

For all my clients that have continued to show trust in my skills and services during this pandemic, I will be eternally grateful. One such client is the lovely folk at Event 360, whom I first started working with during the first lockdown. In their own words, they describe themselves as follows.
“EVENT360 is a live event agency that specialises in the production and delivery of sports presentation, stadium entertainment and spectator experiences.”
After an initial run of visualisation projects, they returned to ask if I would bring their new branding to life. Create a pair of animations, one showing the evolution of the old brand logo into the new revamped look. A second animation which would be their primary logo ident for use at the beginning and end of promotional material

Event360 emblem
Event360 new emblem

The Brief


The initial brief was two-fold and detailed in a few bullet points. They outlined the core requirements for the animations, suggesting length and assets they’d like to use. Other than that, they were open to creative input. Awesome!

Initial Concepts and Storyboard Process


I began as I usually do in my sketchbook roughing out quick ideas and thoughts.  With several ideas as possible options and routes to explore, I moved on to the Mac to prepare the storyboards. As the majority of my concepts revolved around particle systems, I decided to produce the storyboards as stylised semi-complete thumbnails taken from key points throughout the cached particle animations. 


Refine and Finalise


Once E360 had selected a route to explore further, the process was pretty straight forward. I was refining the size of the particles, increasing their numbers to around 50,000 and perfecting the timing. I went through several permutations of each animation to allow for clients requests and alterations. I think the final results show a clean and polished brand expression. The final sequences were output as 4k files with alpha channel to allow the branding to overlay any content E360 want to show.


Thank you so much for this work, and I appreciate it has probably dragged out a lot longer from our side so grateful for your co-operation as always. Its such a delight working on projects with you it makes our job a lot easier!