kitchen visual 1

Kitchen Visualisation


Our kitchen refurbishment continues, in previous posts, the design utilised a corner unit to house the ovens and was less developed than the kitchen visualisation for this round of designs. It was after a stay in Cornwall at a relations cottage that we decided to scrap our previous design direction and look at opting for a range cooker. Moving to a range cooker required some adjustment to the design and layout of the kitchen. Using my powers of visualisation, I redeveloped the kitchen visuals to reflect our changes. This round of plans shows a far more developed and finalised kitchen.


Cutting back on luxuries

Due to the current climate, we have taken steps to rein back on some of the areas we initially hoped to indulge in. The existing tongue and groove wall panelling will remain but will be refreshed and given a new coat of paint. We made a significant saving on the original estimates by moving away from solid wood doors and regrettably we have also opted to restrict worktop choices to laminates only. Having said that, the peninsular is still planned to be a solid oak worktop.
We still need to find a lovely geometric tile for the walls which is close to the kitchen visualisation I’ve prepared, there have been a couple of options found from various sources, but we are both yet to agree upon a final decision!

Work planned to commence

Work on the new kitchen is planned to start in January, which is very exciting. I will be posting photos and updates as the work progresses.
We had several fitters come and provide estimates, and the prices were somewhat of a shock. Ranging from many thousands up to many more thousands! Thankfully this process was more of a tertiary enquiry as we have always planned to have my father install the kitchen anyway. As a retired kitchen fitter and kitchen engineer, there was never really any doubt that we would be using him. No doubt, I will be employed as his ‘gopher’ in the same way I was as a child growing up with him 🙂