MidJourney AI generative image of sunglasses and headphones.

The Benefits of AI Generative Art for the Creative Sector

The Impact of AI Generative Art on Creatives

Creatives can benefit from AI generative art in a number of ways. For example, using AI to generate initial concepts makes the creative process much faster and easier. This means that creatives can spend more time refining their ideas rather than spending hours coming up with ideas from scratch. It also reduces the possibility of getting stuck in an open-ended loop of iterations without any clear direction or sense of progress.


AI is having a growing effect on the creative industry and there are both positive and negative impacts. AI can be used to generate art, displaying unique results faster than ever before. This means that AI has the potential to create opportunities for creatives, allowing them to produce content more efficiently or explore new creative directions. On the other hand, AI may also reduce job prospects by pushing out artists who are less technologically well-versed. AI generative art has already begun showing up in major advertisements; midJourney even released an AI-generated ad campaign that could be mistaken for a human-made video. While AI seems poised to improve efficiency at an unprecedented rate, questions remain as to whether it will truly add value or just lead to job losses within the creative field.

MidJourney – A Tool for Working With AI Generative Art

At Intelligent Realities, we’ve explored the wonders of MidJourney – an interactive tool that makes it easy for creatives to interact with this new technology. MidJourney allows users to interface directly with an AI bot so they can quickly make adjustments and refine their creations as needed. The speed at which iterations can be generated is impressive; it’s far less painful when not in an open thread talking directly with the MidJourney Bot is by far my best recommendation for a fluid creative process. Moreover, MidJourney enables users to easily manage their projects without having to worry about data corruption or lost files due to system crashes or other technical issues. It also allows them to share progress with collaborators so everyone can stay on the same page throughout the creative process.


Prompts are like the secret language of MidJourney – as your own thoughts journey to all kinds of interesting places, you can use prompts to gently nudge the bot in a similar direction. Prompts define the parameters for your conversation, so you can get a response that really speaks to you. With the perfect commands and questions, you can take yourself on a marvellous adventure through exciting conversations with MidJourney’s AI engine!

Disadvantages of using AI generative art

1. Lack of creativity

One of the biggest disadvantages of using AI to generate art is that it can lack creativity. This is because AI algorithms are designed to mimic patterns and trends that they observe in data, rather than coming up with new ideas. As a result, AI-generated art can often be repetitive and unoriginal.

2. Limited to what data is available

Another disadvantage of using AI to generate art is that it is limited to what data is available. In order for an AI algorithm to generate art, it needs to be trained on a dataset of existing artwork. If there is no data available on the type of art that you want to generate, then the AI will not be able to create it.

3. May not be realistic

Another disadvantage of using AI to generate art is that it may not be realistic. This is because the results produced by AI algorithms can often be distorted or abstract, due to the way that they process data. As a result, the art that is generated by AI may not resemble anything that exists in the real world.

Some samples

Our AI generative art midJourney results have been truly fascinating! We’ve been able to create some really neat images, and it’s all because of our AI algorithms which are capable of learning the basics of painting style by analyzing the behaviour of human artists. While AI technology definitely still has a lot of room for growth, we’re proud to have achieved what we have so far and can’t wait to push further boundaries as AI technology matures. Worts n all, here are some of the results of our exploration – but there will be many more in the near future!


Perhaps one of the most unusual results of our experience was when headphones and sunglasses were fused together! It was quite a remarkable sight; not only did it look oddly stylish but it was also incredibly functional. Had we not gone on this journey, this groundbreaking occurrence likely would never have happened. Although this result is classified as “outright odd”, we just choose to call it innovative – after all, sometimes you have to go against the grain for greatness!


AI generative art has already made a big splash in the world of creativity, and its potential applications are only beginning to be explored. We at Intelligent Realities believe this technology will be revolutionary for creatives—not only will it save them time and money but it will also produce stunning visual results that rival those created by humans alone! With tools like MidJourney making it easy for artists and designers alike to interact with this new tech, there is no doubt that AI generative art will continue changing the way we create visuals forever! Therefore visualisers and creatives should look towards adopting this new tech into their pipeline as soon as possible if they want to take full advantage of all its benefits!